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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

About Ten Nebula (Tanya Thomas)


Ten Nebula is a trained shaman, Reiki master, psychic, trance channel, and schooled doula.
She also attended high school for art and attended City College of New York in Harlem for art history.  She has been trained in many holistic health modalities. She believes in proactively healing one’s life in order to shed fears & disease states of being. Ten Nebula offers her healing work in the form of blogs, videos, and talks at this time. It is a goal of hers to write books on health and open a healing clinic in California.

Social Activist
Ten Nebula is a social activist who believes that in order for humanity to progress we must be FULLY aware of the issues we hold. She presents her activism in form of blogs, videos, and talks. Her major focuses are women’s issues, animal rights, and gay/transgender rights. Ten Nebula also donates to U.S. non-profits, nationwide, on the monthly & annual basis.

Environmentalist / Witch
Ten Nebula is an environmentalist. She donates to U.S. green non-profits every year. She participates in Earth day clean-ups. She strongly believes in the power of recycling and composting. She educates the public about ways to help the environment through her blogs, videos, and talks. Ten Nebula is also a white witch who honors and worships The Goddess, Nature, Gaia (the earth mother) and serves The Light / Divine Will.

Political Activist
Ten Nebula believes in the equality for all. She advocates for people to exercise their right to vote and be properly educated about the American systems (i.e. police, federal courts, making of laws, etc).  She also works towards rallying the U.S. government to make more U.S. companies/entities transparent and honest so the American people can BETTER relate to them. Ten Nebula has sued Facebook and 8 other U.S. companies over issues of racism, sexism, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying.

Karma Yoga
Ten Nebula believes in karma yoga, donating, giving back, and volunteering as a way to find your purpose and to be of serve to the whole. She donates on the monthly and annual basis. She had volunteered at Earth day clean-ups, vegetarian festivals, holistic health centers and green festivals. She also gives back by offering to the public free blogs, free educational videos for years that are now recently monetized, and useful talks. She also gives back through her daily spiritual practice.

Ten Nebula is an artist who has been singing since she was in middle school, dancing since she was a child, modeling since she was a teenager, and discovered her love for acting as a young adult. She attended high school for art and attended City College of New York in Harlem for art history. She also donates to art-based institution (like The Studio Museum of Harlem, Five Myles Gallery, etc.) on the annual basis. She has volunteered at art-based events like New York Cares Day & Celebrate Brooklyn Art Festival.
Ten Nebula is currently working on preparing her life for her next level as an artist in Hollywood where she will focus on writing, films, documentaries and her performing arts.

Learn more about Ten Nebula: https://www.Tennebula.weebly.com

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Ten Nebula (Tanya "The White Queen Fairy" Thomas)
The Queen with the Midas Touch
The Miracle Worker
The Fire Breather
The Diamond Unicorn

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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I am a healer, spiritual teacher, light worker, witch, social activist, and artist
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Healing with Ten Nebula

Ten Nebula (The Trillionairess) is a Goddess Priestess, Reiki Master, Oracle, Channeler, Shamaness and Psychic healer. She creates works dedicated to The Great Mother Goddess and the light & love vibrations.

Ten Nebula Healing Space offers phone sessions, treatments, workshops, and trainings to help you to grow, heal, clear, expand and be happier. We also offer monthly specials, so check out our online calendar. We offer healng work to local and nationwide clients.

*Phone sessions
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How May We Help You?

This blog can help you:

1. learn more about your bloodtime/menses
2. learn healthier ways to care for yourself during your bloodtime
3. learn how to heal yourself during your bloodtime
4. learn about the magical powers that your bloodtime holds
5. learn ways to help the whole using your blood

****Additional Special Info:
Blood rites and sharing is very powerful and sacred. You should not simply do this work with anyone who wants to do it. Be highly selective. It is best to share these rites with other beings who are healthy, higher vibrational, actively healing & clearing themselves, self-loving,  and honor their own bodies. You want to share it with a person or people who love you (and who you love) on a deep level.

Our Blood is Holy, Our Blood is Sacred

Women's menstrual blood has always been revered as holy and sacred. We need to remember this and come back to this ancient truth. Menstrual blood is a divine elixir that can be used for many purposes.

Women must begin again to honor themselves, their bodies, their wombs, their blood time, and their sexuality. We set the standards in society and we always have (Example, If we allow abuse in our lives, the world will treat us accordingly).

We must raise our standards and vibrations, as women, if we truly want change for ourselves, our families, and our planet.

As Women....

As women, who are on our spiritual pathes and want to heal our lives
We must make the intentions to love and honor:

1. our bodies
2. our sexuality
3. our self-expression
4. our womb spaces
5. our bloodtime
6. our multi-dimensional selves

For Our Men...

For our sacred men
who are on their pathes
and healing themselves
It would serve your good
to learn how to honor the menstrual blood
and release any lower beliefs about women's bleeding

Ideas to assist:
- keep pads & tampons at their homes for you
- talk about it openly wit the women in your life
- become more knowledgeable about how to care for women during your bloodtime
- allow your partner to mark you
- particpate in a blood ceremony with you mate
- offer blood to the earth

What are some of the other names for our “menses /period"?

Moon Blood,
Magic Blood,
Sacred Blood,
Wise Blood,
Holy Menses,
Blood Time,
Blood Bonding 

Spiritual Practices: Prayer work

Create prayers focused on your bloodtime and read it each day
prayer directs energy towards what we want

Learn more, visit "The Miracle of Active Prayer" -

Spiritual Practices: Speak Out Loud

Speak openly to those you love about your blood time
Speak to yout lover
Speak to your sister/ friend
Speak to your daughters
Join a women's group and talk about your menses
Release all fears around the topic of your bloodtime

Spiritual Practices: Welcoming your bloodtime each month

In our culture,
we are taught that our menses is a problem, pain in the ass, disgusting, and it should not be discussed
if you are woman who wants to love yourself and be healthy
You need to honor youself and your body
all aspects of your body
You bloodtime is natural, connects you to nature,
and it serves you
It needs to be honored and welcomed each month

Spiritual Practices: Artistic Expression

You want to very daring.....
create a picture with your mentrual blood
write a poem with your blood
it is a powerful way to connect with your body


Spiritual Practices: Mark Your Territory

Mark your body with your blood
Mark your lovers body with your mentrual blood
Mark your plants & gardens and sacred trees with water mixed with your blood


Spiritual Practices: Reiki

Send tons of light tp your womb space
and clear out dense & foreign energies

Reiki is pure universal energy
It can be used to energize your work
and to heal issues

Learn more, visit "Reiki and Light" -

Spiritual Practices: Active Healing Work

Get alternative therapy and medicine often
to keep your chakras, aura, and womb space clear
and to strengthen your connection to Source energy

Visit for more info, Ten Nebula Healing Space (Treatments & Phone Sessions) - http://thespiralofthegoddess.blogspot.com/

Spiritual Practices: Libations to The Earth

Mix your blood with water
and make a sacred elixir and offering to the Earth Mother
Honor her as The Goddess

Spiritual Practices: Celebration Time

In older cultures,
young girls would have a celebration when they started their menses
they were welcomed into womanhood
we can do that now
Do it for your daughters

If you are a grown women and no one celebrated your first menses
do a ritual to honor it now
created a beautiful affair to honor yourself

Spiritual Practices: Positive Affirmations

Speak kindly to your body & womb space
use positive affirmations or chanting
to help clear old lower beliefs about your bloodtime

Affirmations are a great way to state what you want
and to stay clear during the process
Use then daily

Learn more, visit orindaben.com

Illusions About Our Blood: It Smells Bad

If the womb is unhealthy, then it may smell
but our blood time is meant to smell like iron
which it is rich with

Keep the womb space and vagina clean everyday

Illusions About Our Blood: It is Disgusting

Alot of women & men see the menses as disgusting
you don't want to see it, talk about it, or smell it
saying that your body (any part of it) is disgusting
drops your vibration and creates tightness & pain in the body
its only creates blockages and cuts you off from spirit

Love all aspects of yourself and all parts of your body

Illusions About Our Blood: It is a Pain in the Ass & Inconvenient

Alot of women see their bloodtime as a pain in the ass
they see it as an interruption in their lives
it is a natural occurance that needs to be honored and respected
and it will be there next month

Also, the bloodtime can be very painful for many women
everything is connected
and your bloodtime is a reflection of your life
so heal yourself (and your body)
and your bloodtime will become more comfortable

Illusions About Our Blood: Not Polite Conversation

We don't like to talk about our bloodtime in our culture
It is minimized to a "dot" or "period"
Talk about it
Ask questions
Talk to other women
Talk to your daughters and young ones in your family about it
Read books and articles on the topic
learn more about how to have a happier bloodtime

Illusions About Our Blood Time: Men Are Replused By It

Women lead
Men follow

If a women honors and respects herself
she will attract a man who honors and respects her as well
If you love your bloodtime and treat it with care
the men in your life will follow

they will keep pads & tampons at their homes for you
they will talk about it openly
they will not freak out when you have yours
they will be more knowledgeable about how to take care of you during your bloodtime

As a whole, women can grow in their spiritual awareness around their bloodtime
and men, as a whole, will follow

Basic Info About Our Menses

  • During each cycle, the lining of the inside of your uterus (womb) gets thicker, so that if the egg (ovum), which is released from your ovary each cycle, is fertilised by a sperm, the uterus is ready to provide a place for the baby to grow.

  • A period is when the lining separates from the rest of the uterus because it is not needed for this egg to grow. The old lining is 'lost' and the uterus gets ready to make a new lining for the next egg.

  • The 'loss' is mostly blood, which can be bright red, dark red or dark brown, and sometimes has some clots (dark lumps of blood) in it.

  • It is a good idea to keep track of when your period is due, maybe on a calendar or in your diary.

  • On average, a cycle lasts about 28 days, but it’s quite normal to have a shorter or longer cycle. So your cycle will probably be normal for you even if it is 21 days long, or 35 days!

  • As soon as one period finishes, the lining of the uterus starts to grow again and becomes thicker ready for another egg (ovum). It continues to get thicker until a couple of days before the next period starts (unless the ovum has been fertilised and the woman is pregnant).

  • About 12-16 days before your next period, an egg is released from your ovary. This is called ovulation.

  • The loss is mostly blood, but also contains some mucus and other tissues from the lining of the uterus.

  • (info from cyh.com/healthtopics)

    Support Young Girls (Worldwide) With Needed Materials

    While U.S. women take mentrual protection for granted,
    millions of girls worldwide miss school or drop out
    because they can't afford sanitary napkins.

    To learn more, visit

    (Article from Ms. Magazine spr/sum 2012)

    Physical Support: Teas & Liquids

    1. drink plenty of hot teas that are healing to your womb
    - dandelion,
    - alfalfa,
    - ginger,
    - red raspberry,
    - red clover
    - dong quai
    2. green juices
    3. plenty of pure water
    4. wheatgrass juice

    Physical Suppport: Heat is Good

    1. take hot showers 
    2. put hot water bottles on your womb
    3. epsom salt bath
    4. sitz bath
    5. ginger bath
    6. steam bath
    7. sauna
    8. sun bath

    Physical Support: Resting During Your Bloodtime

    During your bloodtime,
    your body is tender
    and making time to rest
    is a very nurturing way to take care of yourself

    Physical Support: Foods That Help Your Bloodtime

    1. eat more red foods
    2. use more red spices like chayenne and chili
    3. fresh fruits and vegetables
    4. soy, nut, and seed milk
    5. vegetarian proteins
    6. chlorophyll rich foods
    7. black beans

    Various ways to use your sacred blood to honor the Goddess


    1.water your plants, gardens, trees relatives, etc.
    2.pouring libations to the earth & ancestors
    3.marking your body for blessings
    4.marking your home and space for protection
    5.going into nature with other women and bleeding into the earth
    6.drink it as an elixir and sacred communion

    What are the “blood mysteries”?

    There are books that go into this (like "Earth" by Barbara Marciniak) but I can give you the basics. The blood mysteries are mysteries that connect and bond womens’s lives to the Great Goddess from their menarche, to their menses, through childbirth, and then to menopause. With each of theses great transitions, the spirit of the women is transformed, expanded, and initiated into divine wisdom & knowing.

    Goddess Sites & Books

    The Ways of The Goddess - http://thewaysofthegoddess.blogspot.com/
    Mythology of the Goddess - http://goddessmythsandlegends.blogspot.com/
    Sacred Teachings About The Goddess Craft - http://www.tennebula.wordpress.com
    Goddess Mystery School with Priestess Ten nebula - http://goddessmysteryschool.wordpress.com/
    I am...The Great Mother Goddess - http://thegoddesstruthes.blogspot.com
    The Goddess Archetypes - http://goddessarchetypes.blogspot.com/
    The Divine Nature of The Goddess - http://divinegoddessnature.blogspot.com/


    Women's / Goddess Herstory


    Woman’s Sexual Passages by Elizabeth Davis

    When The Drummers were Women By Layne Redmond

    Witches, Midwives, and Nurses By Barbara Ehrenreich

    The Gospel of Mary Magdalene By Jean-Yves Leloup

    The language of The Goddess By Marija Gimbutas

    Blood, Bread, and Roses By Judy Grahn

    The Chalice and The Blade By Riane Eisler

    Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves By Sarah Pomeroy

    365 Goddess By Patricia Telesco

    The Woman With the Alabaster Jar by Margaret Starbird

    Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile by Margaret Starbird

    14 Steps to Awaken the Sacred Feminine by Margaret Starbird

    The Feminine Face of Christianity by Margaret Starbird

    Magdalene's Lost Legacy by Margaret Starbird

    The Goddess in the Gospels by Margaret Starbird

    Goddess Mythology


    Myths of the Female Divine Goddess by Leeming & Page

    The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell

    The Mist of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

    Women Who Run with the Wolves By Clarissa P. Estees

    The Double Goddess By Vicki Noble

    The Great Cosmic Mother By Monica Sjoo & Barbara Mor

    When God was a Woman By Merlin Stone

    Goddess: Myths of the Feminine Divine By David Leeming

    The Once and Future Goddess By Elinor Gadon



    The Spiral Dance By Starhawk

    The Goddess Celebrates By Diane Stein

    Positive Magic By Marion Weinstein

    The Path of the Priestess By Sharon Rose

    Drawing Down the Moon By Margot Adler

    The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries By Z Budapest

    The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths & Secrets By Barbara Walker

    Tantric sexuality


    Tantra, Spiritual, and Sex By Osho

    Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving By Catherine Muir

    The Kama Sutra


    Becoming a better human being

    Spiritual Tips cheatsheet created by Tanya Thomas (Ten Nebula)
    The Ten Nebula Empire

    Tips for people to become healthier, better human beings
    1. Use active prayer & clear intention to create your reality
    2. Drink lots of water
    3. Create a daily spiritual practice
    4. Get daily exercise
    5. Get monthly healing arts treatments/Alternative Medicine
    6. Create an altar in your home and work space
    7. Get clear about your dreamtime
    8. Study the universal laws
    9. Be pro-active in your shadow work (dealing with your ego)
    10. Strive to become more of your authentic self
    11. Spend 1-hour out in nature everyday
    12. Get plenty of sleep (at least 8 hours) every night
    13. Eat well. Eat foods that are healthy and whole.
    14. Give to others on the monthly basis (i.e. donate, volunteer, karma yoga)

    Tips for Alternative/Eastern Medicine/ Holistic Health Centers & Practitioners
    1.Go Green – purchase recycle paper for the office, use green cleaning products, compost, & recycle

    2. Encourage staff to cultivate a daily spiritual practice. Learn more http://adailyspiritualpractice.blogspot.com/

    3. Have clear, transparent communication with the public – use websites, offer an info email address, use contact boxes,  have phone numbers, clear business hours, fax numbers, staff directory

    4. Donate and support U.S. non-profits (with annual reports & seals) on the monthly or annual basis

    5. Use social media to promote your work, centers, businesses, books, films, modalities, workshops, etc.

    6. Encourage and support alternative medicine/ Eastern medicines to get clinical trials so they are more accepted by the American public (Ex: Dr. Michael Gregor - https://nutritionfacts.org/

    7. Align with and use best business practices & protocols for safety & efficiency– like cameras, job acceptance letters, ADP, termination letters, etc.

    Additional Resources - Learn more ways to heal yourself by visiting

    Recommended Books & Resources for our bloodtime

    The Goddess has power over all things. From the ancient times, she and women have always been the first to cultivate our studies over many aspects of lives like healing, astronomy, childbirth, and agriculture.

    The Goddess has always ruled love, beauty, shamanism, midwifery, belly dancing, herbology, crystals, tantric sexuality, nurturance, creativity, expansion, wholistic wellness & being, the great cycles, menstrual blood, sacred darkness, the Earth, protection, the waters, grain and wine, and milk.

    Healing our Bloodtime/Menses
    Sacred Woman by Queen Afua
    Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford
    How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger

    Blood Mysteries / Blood Time Herstory
    Earth by Barbara Marciniak
    Blood, Bread, and Roses: How Menstruation Created the World by By Judy Grahn
    The Goddess Celebrates By Diane Stein
    Red Moon: Understanding and Using the Gifts of the Menstrual Cycle by Miranda Gray
    Her Blood Is Gold: Awakening to the Wisdom of Menstruation by Lara Owen
    The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
    The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries by Zsuzsanna Budapest

    Bloodtime/ Menses rituals & Ceremonies

    Earth by Barbara Marciniak
    Blood, Bread, and Roses: How Menstruation Created the World by By Judy Grahn
    The Goddess Celebrates By Diane Stein
    Moon Mother, Moon Daughter by Janet Lucy
    Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries: Intuitive Ritual Creation by Ruth Barrett              

    Young Girls "Coming of age" / Starting their bloodtime
    Moon Mother, Moon Daughter by Janet Lucy
    Article: Celebrating a Girl’s First Period  by Christiane Northrup - http://www.drnorthrup.com/celebrating-a-girls-first-period/

    Tools for Light beings & Light workers


    Earth by Barbara Marciniak
    The Pleiadian Workbook by Amorah Quan Yin

    The Reiki Apprentice by Tuesday May Thomas
    Spiritual Growth by Sonaya Roman
    The Mayan Oracle By Spilsbury & Bryner

    Spiritual Books for Healing
    Hands of Light By Barbara Brennan
    You Can Heal your life By Louise May
    The Amazing Power of Delibrate Intent by Esther and Jerry Hicks
    The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts
    The Power of Now by Erkhart Tolle
    Change your mind and your life will follow by Karen Casey
    Be Yourself by Mike Robbins
    How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger

    Ten Nebula works & contributions
    The Ten Nebula Empire - https://tennebula.weebly.com/
    Ten Nebula Performance Arts - https://870208690950392718.weebly.com/

    Spiritual Teachers & Centers
    NY Open Center - https://www.opencenter.org/
    Omega Institute - https://www.eomega.org/

    Daily Messages of Inspiration

    Learn more, visit "The Ten Nebula Resource Library" - 

    Special Thanks to The Source

    Thank You Goddess for my life
    Thank You Goddess for my body
    Thank You Goddess for my home
    Thank You Goddess for my amazing work
    Thank You Goddess for all my clients & fans
    Thank You Goddess for all my successful businesses
    Thank You Goddess for all my money
    Thank You Goddess for my spiritual family & friends
    Thank You Goddess for my health
    Thank You Goddess for my courage
    Thank You Goddess for being able to help others daily
    Thank You Goddess for my path
    Thank You Goddess for all the light & love in my life
    Thank You Goddess for being me
    Thank You Goddess to my past, present and future
    Thank You Goddess for all that I am and all that I have
    Ten nebula

    Contact me

    Site created by Tanya Thomas (Ten Nebula)
    Blood Red: A Devotion To Our Sacred Blood Time -

    Ten Nebula is a Goddess Priestess, Reiki Master, Oracle, Channeler, Shamaness and Psychic healer.

    Please feel free to contact me............
    We offer phone sessions, healing treatments, group workshops and workshops.
    I am also available to teach & facilitate workshops around the U.S.


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